Building a 300 point Captain America (Earth-X) team.

This week I have been tasked with building a 300pt modern age team – post rotation with new rules in mind based around Captain America – Earth X.

Firstly let’s look at what we currently know around the new rule changes.

Leadership automatically gives +1 action for your team and you c
an now remove action tokens from characters that share a keyword irrespective of point value.

Outwit. The change to Outwit is huge. You can now pick a standard power and say that an opposing character “can’t use” that power (even if that character doesn’t have the power on their dial)

The change to leadership doesn’t really apply to Earth-X Cap as his is a special leadership that says

THE LEADER WE NEED: Captain America can use Leadership and it can’t be rerolled. When he succeeds, instead remove an action token from up to 150 total points of other friendly characters regardless of adjacent or point value.

So the only benefit of the rule change will be the automatic +1 action total. Still good.
Let’s look at Earth-X Caps keywords now. He has the following keywords.
Earth X, Soldier, S.H.I.E.L.D

Forget Earth X as there are no other figures that currently share this keyword. There are an absolute load of S.H.I.E.L.D keyworded figures but I am going to be using Soldier as my keyword of choice for one reason. General Lane.

General Lane from Superman/Wonder Woman has a trait that says

LET’S DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: General Lane and adjacent friendly characters can use the Superman Enemy team ability.

Assuming this also doesn’t get changed the Superman Enemy team ability says:
When two friendly characters that can use the Superman Enemy team ability are adjacent to each other, the character with the higher point value can be given a free action to immediately use Outwit. That character can use Outwit until the beginning of your next turn, if it can’t use Outwit already and continues to use this ability. If the two characters have the same point value, their controller chooses which is treated as the higher point character this turn.
So this means that as General Lane is only 40 points, chances are that he will grant everyone the ability to use outwit, as they will more than likely be higher points than him.

General Lane can also use Leadership so he will benefit from the new Leadership rules, although the +1 action total is a unique modifier so we won’t be getting an extra +1.
To fully take advantage of Captain Americas special leadership I wanted to make a ‘pog generator’ team so if he successfully rolls his leadership I can remove tokens from the pogs as well as from 150 points worth of other characters. If I’m going with a pog generator team I also want to use Green Light as he would grant flight and toughness to the pogs as well as to General Lane. So with that in mind my first line-up is

Captain America (Earth-X) 65pts
Green Light 90pts
Toy Soldier 60pts
General Lane 40pts
The Atom 15pts
The Atom 15pts
Symbiote 6pts
Weapon Drop 8pts
Total Points 299pts

I’ve added two of the Atom’s from Superman WonderWoman for collosal retaliation and also a Symbiote to give either Green Light or Captain America shape change and plasticity and a weapon Drop to give one of them access to more powers.

My second variation of the team takes a different approach and, still using the soldier keyword, also uses General Lane. I’ve taken a leaf out of one of my team mates for the next build and have added the super rare Nick Fury from the Nick Fury Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D set.

My starting line-up this time is

Captain America (Earth-X) 65pts
General Lane 40pts
Nick Fury 120pts
Pym Particle Tank 50pts
S.H.I.E.L.D Recruit 20pts
Total Points 295pts

I’ve added the Pym Particle Tank as General Lane will be able to grant it outwit from the Superman Enemy team ability, and with a 10 range and improved targeting that ignores outdoor blocking and elevation, it will be relatively easy for me to turn off any defense powers.  It also has a special attack that states

HIGH EXPLOSIVE INCENDIARY: When Pym Particle Tank misses with a ranged attack, after actions resolve deal 1 damage to the target and all characters adjacent to the target.

This combined with the outwit means it’s dealing at least 1 damage every time it attacks.

It also makes a great taxi, being able to carry three passengers in addition to a pilot, it can move my entire team around the map.  S.H.I.E.L.D Recruit is on the team to pilot the tank.

Well I hope you enjoyed my article on team building with Earth-X Captain America.  Until next time … happy building


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