Building a 300pt team around The Flash

Hello and welcome to my first team build article.  The purpose of this site, as you may have read on the first page, is to give me experience in building teams (instead of “netdecking” teams).

For my first article I have decided to build a team around The Flash from Jokers Wild.

The Flash comes in at 35 points and has a host of keywords to try and theme him.  The two I am going to focus on is Past and, one of my favourites, Scientist.

Let’s look at Past keyword first.

The first thing I do when trying to build a team around a particular keyword is hop on over to the units section on HCRealms and search for that keyword and see if anything leaps out at me.  Doing that for Past keyword returns the following figures that may be of some use.

  • Nick Fury
  • Jean Grey
  • Devil Dinosaur
  • Green Lantern
  • Spider Knight
  • Zatara
  • Peggy Carter

That should give us enough to go off.

I’m particularly fond of Spider Knight as a piece.  The fact that he is a wild card (Spider-man Ally) allows for some ‘shenanigans’ with the JSA team ability that Flash has.  The JSA team ability allows me to share the printed defence value of an adjacent character that can also use the JSA team ability.  My only issue with him is that he doesn’t have plasticity or shape change and I feel that he should have given he’s on of the Spider-verse.  For that reason I’m also including the Symbiote special object on my team. This costs 6 points and grants plasticity and shape change and on the roll of a 6 also grants +1 to combat values.

I also particularly like Devil Dinosaur as the bystander tokens he brings into the game are really good and give more options for attacking.

Green Lantern from Jokers Wild is ridiculously good for his points and free barrier. So he’s going on the team too.  He also has the JSA team ability so can share Spider-Knights 19 defence, giving him a 21 at range (with the ESD from Spider-Knight).

The Flash is really good value for his points too but only deals 2 damage. He also falls victim to opposing characters plasticity.  The Harley’s Hammer special object is able to grant Giant Reach to get around the plasticity issue.  I’ve also added the Cosmic treadmill special object on there to give The Flash a chance to remove action tokens from everyone.

With that in mind my final team is

  • The Flash – 35pts
  • Spider-Knight – 100pts
  • Devil Dinosaur – 100pts
  • Green Lantern –  35pts
  • Symbiote –  6pts
  • Harleys Hammer -3pts
  • Cosmic Treadmill – 8pts

Hopefully this team will be lots of fun to play and with pretty high defence , difficult to take down.



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